This gorgeous girl is Vassi. She had been living near T-Market for a while and each time we went to the supermarket she was there and so happy when we would give her food. In the winter we could see that she was feeding puppies but couldn't find her puppies anywhere. After a while we saw her one day with one little puppy but the puppy was really nervous. Not long after that, the puppy was gone and Vassi was alone again begging for food at T-Market. A few months later she was pregnant again and we decided it was time to help her and put an end to her having puppies again and again. We got her spayed and brought her to the sanctuary. Not long after that someone dumped 3 little puppies at the sanctuary and she stepped in and was a brilliant surrogate mum to them, being so gentle and teaching them everything. The pups have all found homes now and she's now living with Mr Kipling and Cara in the volunteers house, but we would love for Vassi to find a home as well. She's not a very young dog anymore and calm, but still has a lot of life in her and absolutely loves a cuddle or to go for a walk.

If you would love to show Vassi what it is to have a forever family, please send us a message.