Mr Kipling

This is our beautiful special golden oldie Mr Kipling. In 2017 we left the sanctuary to get to the parcel depot and as we went past the garage Helen spotted a flash of red out the corner of her eye and pulled over and she found a black dog sitting under a tree covered in blood and wounds. Het had been run over and had multiple injuries but was terrified, in pain and growling at us while we tried to get a slip lead over his head. We finally managed to get him into the back of the car and drive straight to the vets where they assessed him. They said he had so many things wrong and was old and being aggressive and even if they could fix one thing they couldn't guarantee they could fix everything else. Helen begged them to give him a chance and to take one step at a time and see how he would respond. They agreed and began his lengthy treatment. We call him our bionic boy as he needed to be rebuilt.

He was in the clinic for months and everyone there fell in love with him once he started trusting them and realised they were helping him. We visited him often taking him treats and finally he was allowed to come home with us but we still had to dress his wounds daily and continue his care. He immediately became such a happy boy and got so excited every time we went to see him with his food or do his dressings. We all totally fell in love with him.

After having him for 2 years he was adopted by an English couple living over here. Last year in 2023, 4 years after he was adopted, the couple said they were moving back to the UK and weren't taking Kipling with them. We were so sad for him but he is now living in the volunteers house with Vassi and Cara and he was absolutely brilliant with the little pups we had here. He's loving life again here, but we would so love for him to spend the rest of his life with a loving family. He doesn't need much or long walks as he's an older boy already, all he really wants is love and cuddles.

If you would like to offer Mr Kipling a loving home, please don't wait with getting in touch with us!