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Helen’s House of Hope provides sanctuary, food, medical treatment, rehabilitation and affection for abused, injured, ill-treated and homeless dogs in Bulgaria. We are passionate about improving the lives of these dogs, many of whom have been brutally attacked and left permanently injured by their abusive owners.

Helen’s House of Hope was set up by Helen James in 2015. She decided to open the sanctuary using her own money and resources after seeing the appalling treatment of many Bulgarian dogs through her work with a dog rehoming organisation in the UK. Helen’s House of Hope started with three dogs – Hope, Faith and Charity – and has expanded considerably since then. The sanctuary is also home to a retired police horse who arrived in a terrible state and has been given a new lease of life by Helen’s House of Hope.

Many of our rescued dogs make significant progress and are restored to full health during their stay at Helen’s House of Hope. In these cases, we are able to look at rehoming them, either in the UK or here in Bulgaria. We have already found permanent, happy homes for some of our dogs, but many are still looking for the right home. If you think that you could provide a loving, stable home for one of our dogs, or sponsor a dog by funding their food and medical care on a monthly basis, please get in touch via our contact page or Facebook for more details.

Helen’s House of Hope works closely with the community to help local people improve living standards for their own dogs. A group of volunteers – all of them local school children – take the dogs out for daily walks and learn about the proper treatment and care of the animals in return.

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