This is our beautiful girl Esme. Esme is quite the world traveller as she was born in the US and adopted from a shelter there. She came over to Bulgaria with her family a few months ago. As her energy level did not quite match with the other dog living in the house, her parents thought she would flourish more in a different home. That’s when she came to live with us.

Esme truly is a dream dog to have. She’s living in the house with the volunteers and we never have a problem with her. She’s brilliant with all house dogs and plays with them beautifully. She’s very happy to share her bed with them too. She goes to the field everyday and walks very well on her leash. She knows a few commands and it’s very easy to teach her new things as she loves to learn and loves her food. It’s easy to keep her attention with you with something tasty. Esme is about a year old and an active dog that would love to find a family that would like to take her on adventures in nature.

She’s spayed, fully vaccinated and ready to go. Please send us a message if you’re interested in adopting Esme.