Captain is the clown of our sanctuary, really always happy and making everyone smile.

A while ago Helen received a visit from the police and one of the police colleagues had a neighbor who had died and this poor dog was left in the garden with no one to take care of him. He asked if Helen could take him and she agreed. Captain is a lovely natured dog, quite strong but loves his daily walks, running around the field, lots of cuddles and his food. He usually goes for walks with our little Amber. When he sees another dog he does his famous move by putting his butt up in the air to initiate play. Captain is always in for a play session and always happy. He’s a young dog and about the size of a labrador.

He’s food motivated and will be a really fun dog to train with. He’s clever and active and would love to go to a family that will take him on adventures and explore the outdoors. He’s been neutered and vaccinated and can leave as soon as his perfect person notices him. Please send us a message if you are that person.