This is our beautiful Sienna. A while back a woman contacted us about a husky that was abandoned on the street and whether we were able to find her a home. When she was brought to us we could directly see that she was very sick. After taking her to the vet we found out she had 2 tick borne diseases. She got treatment and is fully recovered now. She’s done so well since we got her well again and she’s been spayed and vaccinated and ready to travel.

She’s a young dog and is a very gentle dog who gets on beautifully with Lady and Paddy and loves playing with them. She loves her food and her treats and will fit in very well in a home environment. She walks well on the lead with us and does not pull. She’s a little nervous at first but soon comes around and relaxes.

If you feel you could be the right home for her please message us. She’s a very special and beautiful young lady.