Romeo is a gorgeous medium-sized boy who arrived with Juliet.They were found freezing in the back of a water truck in the middle of Winter. He is a very good walker- no pulling or tangling- and has no issues with leads. He is very fond of his food (which can be a potential flashpoint with other dogs as he's fond of theirs too) but this has meant he's easy to train through the use of treats. We just feed him separately to avoid any problems. Apart from food time he's good with other dogs.

Romeo was adopted by an English family living in Bulgaria in December 2019, but at the end of 2023 the family decided to move back to England and they decided to not take their dogs with so Romeo ended up back at the sanctuary. This broke our hearts and we would absolutely love to find him a real forever home, as he so deserves it. He enjoys a relaxed sit down and cuddle as much as a run around so if you would like to make a friend for life send us a message!