This is Lisa. Together with her brother Monty she was dropped off at the sanctuary while they were still tiny pups. They had been found at the side of the road dumped in Borovan.

They are now almost a year old and are really gentle and lovely natured dogs. Lisa will sit down for her food and is a clever food motivated dog so we think she’d love an active home where she could go outside on adventures and learn new things. Despite her being a dog that loves to be outside, she is a mellow dog and loves to snuggle with you on her stretcher. She’s the calmer one between Monty and her. Here at the sanctuary she lives together with Monty and Prince and each morning our dear Sheba joins them in the field to play.
Lisa is sterilized and fully vaccinated and could travel as soon as she finds his special forever home. We’d love for her to go together with Monty but we know it’s a huge ask and if we need to separate them we will. They really deserve a loving home environment.

Please let us know if you’re interested in adopting Lisa.