This is our little Frieda. Together with her (we think) mum Tia and her little brother Joshua she came to live with us a while ago. She was living next to a busy road and after our failed attempt to catch the little family she and Tia were put on a chain. After some negotiation we were allowed to take them to the sanctuary. At the sanctuary she was starting to blossom and become more confident but then had to fight against parvo. Luckily she was very strong and managed to get better.
Frieda is all healthy now, she’s spayed and every day she’s getting braver. She walks well on the lead but can be scared of cars passing by. With new people she sometimes needs a bit of time before she comes for a cuddle, but once she knows you she can not handle herself and wants all the love and is on your lap all the time. She really loves her food and loves to play with other dogs. Frieda is very tiny, about 5 kilos and about a year old (as of july 2023).
If you’re interested in adopting Frieda, please send us a message.