Amber is about 5 years old and Helen has been feeding her for years as she belonged to her ex cleaner and she used to drive up to her house every day to feed her and 3 other dogs and about 10 cats until last winter.

Her owner moved to Sofia to work and the dogs were left home alone being fed occasionally by neighbors.
Amber was then moved to the owners dads home in Borovan and he got sick recently and there was no one to care for the dogs. One died in a boiling hot room with a tin roof.

Helen agreed to take Amber because she has the most beautiful character. She’s so loving and affectionate and loves kisses and cuddles. She loves her walks and is brilliant with cats. All volunteers love to walk her so she’s always one of the first to have gone for a walk here in the morning. She’s good with other dogs if introduced properly.

Please someone give this gorgeous girl a chance finally of having her own forever home. She’ll thank you with loads of kisses.

She is spayed and vaccinated and ready to travel. Send us a message if you’re interested in adopting Amber.