Here are some of our lucky dogs who have found their forever homes and are now living the dream.

You can read what their lucky owners told about them and their progress together including some before and after photos.

Barney and Autumn

“We have two dogs from Helen. The photo collage is of Barney who Helen saved from the side of the road. It makes me so emotional looking at the photos from when he was found, but he’s such a happy boy now. He loves his holidays in Wales, he loves the water and he’s amazing with other dogs. He’s still a little unsure of some people but we cope with that. He’s an absolute beauty, we wouldn’t have him any other way. And his little sister Autumn is pretty amazing too.” – 25-05-2020

Barney now (above) and Barney before (below)
“Our little girl Autumn”



“This is Ginger who I saw advertised on Facebook and I just fell in love with her immediately. Helen spotted her on the side of the road with a very serious injury. Gingers leg was saved but her joints had to be fused to strengthen her leg so now it’s shorter than the others. I had to wait a while for all of this treatment. However Helen was amazing. She kept me up to date. I was made aware of the injury. I wasn’t pressured into still having Ginger. I think because of how lovely Helen was, I felt confident that I would get my baby eventually! You do worry about scams but Helen put my mind at rest. Ginger arrived September 2017. She is adorable and Helen still comments on her pictures etc. I always recommend Helen. She is amazing. ” – 25-05-2020

Ginger now
Gingers poorly leg (before)
Ginger with Helen


Sadie and Tilly

“When I saw Sadie who was already being fostered in the UK but needed to be moved I totally fell in love and knew I needed to save her. So I sweet talked my partner into going to see her and we both instantly fell in love. We were able to take her home for a weekend trial before deciding and everything went perfectly. I must admit I think we were spoilt. There were no toilet accidents and she was so affectionate. A week later she was home with us for good. We’ve had her three years now and yet it’s been difficult mainly due to her past life she is very nervous of strangers. Slowly but surely we are getting there and she is completely worth all the drama for how much love she gives you. We can honestly say she is besotted with us, I can’t even go to the bathroom without her following me. A year ago we decided to get her a playmate. We didn’t really have a specific dog in mind but knew whoever we got needed to be confident in the hopes that sadie would follow suit. So back to Helen we went and she suggested tilly. About two weeks later we were meeting with the transport and out popped tilly! The process was so smooth and we were updated constantly about her eta into the country. Again we have been totally spoilt with such an amazing, clever dog. There were teething problems to begin with introducing two girl dogs but after about 4 days things began to settle and they are now best friends. They are both off lead for walks and have learnt basic tricks. Life is amazing with them and I couldn’t recommend Helen enough if you are thinking about adopting. We have been supported throughout the process both times and felt like we were helping Helen as well. It’s good to know the money you pay gets put towards bringing another dog over here. Yes it’s a gamble – but there are so many success stories from Helen that I’m sure getting a dog off her will be worthwhile.” – 25-05-2020

Sadie and Tilly now
Sadie before
Tilly at the sanctuary with her siblings


“I adopted Milo ( Oreo) from Helen in November 2018. Helen had rescued his mum, he was from a litter of 11! Born 25th July 2018. We first saw pictures of Milo aged about 9 weeks. With home check,paperwork, vaccinations etc we got our boy on 19th November 2018 aged almost 4 months. We had no issues at all with Milo other than toilet training which took a few months. We then moved house which set him back again. However with perseverance he got it. Milo is fantastic around other dogs, cats, doesn’t bark other than when someone enters our gate. He is a giant ball of fluff that we wouldn’t be without. We absolutely adore him. The only think I would say is as with any puppy you need time and patience. We were lucky as Milo had been born at Helen’s and had always been safe. Other dogs aren’t always that fortunate. Helen does an amazing job and loves every single dog unconditionally.” – 25-05-2020
Milo now. “Such a great temperament & so handsome”
Milo as a puppy

Marley and Mimi

Marley and Mimi are bonded sisters that were brought to the sanctuary when just a few weeks old by the man that owns their mother. Both were shy on arrival but they quickly gained confidence and are now happy, loving girls. They lived at the house that volunteers stay in and all volunteers who met them adored them. Two volunteers adored them so much that they offered them the home they had been dreaming of for so long!

“We stayed there last year and adopted Marley and Mimi, who progressed from being generally a bit scared of the world to loving their daily walks and play time.” – 25-05-2020

Marley and Mimi chasing squirrels in the UK!
Marley and Mimi at the sanctuary
Marley and Mimi as pups


Jacob is one of the first dogs that Helen rescued. He came to the sanctuary as a little puppy and has lived in Helens house for about 4 years. He was absolutely spoilt rotten and very special to Helen. All volunteers fell in love with Jacobs personality. When one volunteer fell so much in love with Jacob that she offered him a home, Helen made the hard decision to let him go as she knew he would go to a wonderful home. Jacob started his new chapter and is now walking around on his 3 legs in the UK!

“I fell in love with Jacob when I was volunteering at Helen’s sanctuary 2 years ago. I desperately wanted to take him home but it took me a year to persuade my family to let me have a second dog and of how special Jacob is. It has been a year since I adopted Jacob now and it’s safe to say my whole family are just as in love with him as I am. The first month or two were difficult, the first week Jacob kept actively going for my other dog over food, beds, toys, personal space and family members. But after the first week we had managed to get that down to just food and after the first month he wasn’t protective over anything. Koda and Jacob get on really well now and have done for the last 6 months or so. They play chase in the garden, share treats and beds and on occasion koda makes a good pillow for Jacob. I think it’s important to remember the first month or so is going to be hard, they may be acting in a way you didn’t expect but that’s because they are scared and not trusting of their new family and surroundings. Be patient and set boundaries and they will grow into the most loving rescue dog!
Jacob is an angel, he comes to doggy daycare and plays with his doggy friends, he steals the hearts of everyone he meets and he has become my second baby I’ve always wanted.” – 25-05-2020
Jacob enjoying an ice lolly in his special home
Jacob and Helen
Jacob as a puppy
“I saw a picture of Echo just by chance and I completely fell in love almost instantly. When applying for Echo I was reassured by Helen that she wanted the best for her dogs. The couple that did my homecheck were lovely and I was notified I was approved very quickly. Throughout I was kept updated as to when Echo was travelling and at what time to meet to pick her up at. I welcomed her into my home on the 27th of January 2019. During the time we’ve had together so far we have moved house, welcomed a big dog brother and learned to tolerate 2 feline brothers. She was quite timid when I first got her but gradually over time she has become more confident. She’s still unsure about strangers and is more than happy to bark away at them but she now has good circle of humans she loves/trusts enough to show her sweet side to.
My girl is one of the clingyest, most loving, adorable dogs I’ve ever met and I feel so blessed that she’s mine. Her happiness is contagious and she never fails to cheer me up, she also has a cracking smile. Adopting Echo was one of the best things I’ve done and I’ll always be grateful to Helen as without her I wouldn’t have my girl.” – 25-05-2020
“Top row photos include the very photo I saw her on Facebook plus ones when she first came home. Bottom ones are of her now”

Leo and Loona

“We have 2 gorgeous pups from Helen. After losing our rescue dog, I was browsing FB and came across the gorgeous Leo. Fell instantly in love, contacted Helen and everything was smooth sailing, she even did a heart worm test for me as that’s how we’d lost our Benji. Leo arrived on our wedding anniversary and we’ve had him nearly 2 years. He’s a cowardly lion but has come on so much. Last year we adopted Loona (Willow) after her litter of 5 had been dumped at Helen’s one rainy night. Loona was the only girl and we thought she would be the ideal companion for Leo. Loona is afraid of nothing, mischievous, inquisitive, bossy madam. I was lucky enough to go visit in February and finally meet Helen and see the hard, fantastic work she does. Can’t wait to go back! No issues with adopting, Helen and the group are fantastically supportive, lots of pup dates to keep you going until you get your furbaby. I’d have way more if I could.” – 25-05-2020

Loona and her mummy
Leo and his kitty friend


“This is stefan who arrived with us a year ago today! I was a supporter of Helens House of hope for quite some time and always wanted to adopt a dog from there. After many talks within the family we decided we were ready for a rescue. When stefan arrived he was scared stiff but with love and patience he soon became settled. He’s only ever had 3 accidents in the house in a whole year which I think is quite remarkable. He’s the most loving dog, comes up to you when he wants a cuddle, he loves walks and his kong, we would be completely lost without him. To anyone thinking about adopting a dog from Helen I would say go for it. She is there through the whole process with lots of advice and info, and makes it an easy comfortable process.” – 25-05-2020

Stefan in his new home
Stefan as a puppy

Sonny and Meg

“I heard about HHH through a work colleague who is related to Helen and we adopted Sonny previously known as socks in December 2017. I’m told he had been owned by gypsies who weren’t treating him well and was taken to Helen. I think he spent around 18 months with her before we got him. He was very nervous at first and noises would easily spook him and he’d would cower when I picked large objects up. He was also terrified of my husband, but with a little time and patience he came round. He is such a calm dog, he loves his walks and is very good off the lead. As he was very good with other dogs we decided to adopt a second dog.

After adopting Sonny in December 2017 we adopted Meg in April 2019. We didn’t actually choose Meg, we just asked Helen to recommend a suitable companion for Sonny. Megs story is she ended up at the sanctuary after being keep chained up in a garden until she had pups they didn’t want. The pups were taken to Helen and they were persuaded to hand over the mother as well. I believe she also spent along time waiting for a home as she was with Helen when we got Sonny in December 2017. She was very affectionate from the beginning and always wanted to cuddle. We’ve had some ups and downs with house training her, but she got there in the end. She also loves her walks and does a giddy dance when the lead comes out. She’s also great off the lead and she loves to spent her days relaxing on the conservatory Sofa.” – 26-05-2020

Sonnys first day in his new home
Sonny now
Meg on her arrival day
Meg now


“This is Raya she has been with me for 17 months now such a beautiful loving girl. I believe she was living in a derelict house along with her puppies (who were poisoned) when Helen found her. Thanks to Helen for rescuing her and for Jess who was volunteering and delivered Raya to me. She is such a good girl, no trouble, just wants lots of fuss when she’s awake.”

Raya when Helen found her
Raya and Helen
Raya now being very comfortable
Raya now
Raya and her friend Badger