Sheba lived on a chain for the first year of her life and didn’t know what it was like to play, be walked or be free to express herself. Fortunately for her the households Grandson came forwards to me to ask if HHH would take her as she had something “wrong” with her legs. She could hardly walk when Helen took her and had absolutely no muscle tone, so it turned out there was nothing “wrong” with her apart from a lack of meaningful exercise to strengthen her developing legs.

Fast forward to today and Sheba is absolutely beautiful, with a wonderful temperament, she’s playful, happy and gets very excited about her food and her walks. We call her one of our wonky dogs she is living her best life, she just doesn’t need long walks and she’s very happy to potter about. She seems to be disconnected from her tail which is very amusing and when she is eating and wags her tail she thinks it’s another dog trying to steal her food. She gets on really well with other dogs and is incredible with children.

If you’re interested in giving this beautiful girl her forever home, please send us a message!