This is our little Lucie. She was dumped at the vet two months ago and very lucky we were in the waiting room with one of our dogs. We took her with us and she came to live with Helen and her dogs and cats. We don’t think Lucie was born on the street, but think someone has been breeding with her mum and wanted to get rid of Lucie. She was very well fed and from day 1 she has been the most confident puppy we’ve ever met. Right away she just trotted around the house with all the big dogs like she’d always been there. Because of her looks and temperament we think she is a malanois or German shepherd or some mix of that.

Lucie gets on very well with all the other dogs here and is definitely a clever dog that learns quickly. She is easily motivated with food and is very willing to learn new things from her person, like a typical shepherd dog. She is not a dog that will just lay down on the couch all day and needs someone that is willing to go out with her and do some training. She’s not a pup that can’t sit still though. When she’s tired and done playing she always finds herself a quiet spot and takes a nap. Because of her (mix of) breed we think it’s best for her to go to a family that has had dogs before. Lucie is a big fan of belly rubs and loves to lay on bed with you.

She’s about 3-4 months old now (july 2023) and will soon get her last vaccination, after which she will be able to travel to her new home. If you’re interested in adopting Lucie please send us a message.