Lara arrived with us a few weeks ago after a kind lady contacted us that she’d been feeding her on the streets and was worried about her safety. The lady offered to have her spayed if we could make sure she would be safe.

It didn’t take Lara long to settle with us after her arrival so after getting to know her a bit she’s now ready for adoption.

She’s a beautiful medium sized dog with a great temperament. Lara is still young, we think under a year old. She’s definitely a smart dog that you could teach a lot. She already knows how to sit and give paw and will do anything for a nice treat. She really likes to please. She soon got our routine here and is so happy when it’s time for her walk. She walks great on her leash and goes to the field with Chuck, Donnie and Mascha every day. She gets along very well with them and loves to play. When meeting other dogs on her walks she’s submissive and not reactive at all, she listens to the other dogs and invites them for play. She’s a clean lady too as she waits for her walks before she goes to the toilet. She loves attention and cuddles from the volunteers.

Please let us know if you’re interested in adopting our beautiful Lara. She’s spayed and vaccinated and ready to go.

if you’re interested in adopting Lara.