This is our beautiful special little Kiki.
Not long ago we rescued Kiki from a life on a chain of not even a meter long. She lived there without any access to food or water. The day she arrived at the sanctuary she was lucky to be sleeping with one of the volunteers and from that day she knew she was safe and allowed to be a dog again.
She lives in the volunteer house together with William, Esme, Paloma and Jessica. She’s brilliant with them and each morning she goes to the field to play with them and some other dogs. She absolutely loves to play with toys and runs around the field so fast, it always touches us to see her be so happy knowing where she came from and that she would have never had all of that. She’s confident around people too and loves to snuggle up with volunteers. She is not an overly clingy dog though and likes to do her own things too. She deserves even more than she’s already getting here so we would really like to find her her special family. Kiki is a small dog and still young, we think about a year old. She is spayed and very ready to travel so please send us a message if you’re interested in adopting her.