This beautiful boy is called Jack. He lived on a chain in Helens village all his life but his owner contacted Helen a few months ago he can’t have him anymore and threatened to release him on the streets if Helen would not take him in. So now he’s been living with us for about 2 months now.

Jacks owner said he’s had him for 12 years now so that would make him a senior. He doesn’t act like a senior at all though so he might be younger. Jack is an active dog that really likes to go for his walks. Everyday he’s so excited when we come to him with the lead. He is a strong dog and was pulling a lot during the first weeks but now that he knows his routine and that we will take him out he’s so much better and its a pleasure to walk him.

He really likes human affection and is definitely food motivated. He is a resource guarder so if he gets hold of something like food or something he wants to chew on he won’t let you have it. Because of this he’ll need an experienced handler that understands the management that is needed when having him in your home and is willing to put lots of time and effort in training him. Because of his resource guarding Jack won’t go to a home with children. We’re sure he’ll thrive if the right person offers him a home and he so deserves it after all these years on a chain.

Jack is good with most dogs if introduced in the right way. He’s neutered, vaccinated and ready to travel. If you’re interested in adopting Jack please send us a message.