This stunner is Ghost. Ghost had been dumped next to a busy road somewhere in the summer of 2023. Helen went to feed her every day and she soon recognized her car and was so happy each time as she knew her food was coming. She did not look well but was very nervous and we couldn't get close to her. It took awhile but weeks later Helen managed to get to her. Her eyes were very weepy and once we got to the vets we found out that they were full of worms. She's all healthy now and blossomed into the most beautiful dog, you would barely recognize her and think she's a different dog than the one we were feeding next to the road months ago.

Ghost is a medium sized dog, she looks bigger on the pictures than she is as she's mostly fur. She's good with other dogs and lives together with Gigi and likes to go for her walks. She has come around with people too and loves to be around them, but we expect her to be a bit nervous after a long journey to her forever home but that's more than normal. She's so ready to find her special family, so please get in touch with us if you would like to open your home for our special Ghost.