This beautiful girl is our Coco. We welcomed Coco into our care in november. Helen found her on the street and thought she was limping when she was feeding the dogs on the street on the way to the sanctuary. We took her to the vet and her leg seems fine. Turns out that she just walks a bit funny. She always walks very pretty like an elegant horse. Coco was tested positive for tick borne disease ehrlichea but has been treated for that and is all healthy again. Coco had a lot of fun at the vet and was so happy with all the attention that these strange people were giving her and her tail would not stop wagging. Coco is a favorite of many of our volunteers, she’s a really sweet dog and just loves to be around people. Every morning and afternoon she’ll go for a walk and it’s her favorite time of the day. She’s easy to walk and does not pull on the lead at all. She’s good with most dogs too.

Coco is a senior and is not asking for much. She’d like to go on a few walks everyday and would like to have a warm bed and a special someone that she can snuggle up to and that would like to give her kisses and cuddles. We don’t know much about Cocos past, but her big scar around her neck tells us that she’s been on a chain for many years. Wouldn’t it be lovely if she could spend her last years in a warm home having nothing to worry about?

Coco is fully vaccinated and has her bag packed to go to her forever home. Please send us a message if you’re interested in adopting her.