This tiny ball of fluff is our very special Carolina and she is a real personality. In august 2021 helen found her at the side of the road. She was very nervous and growling at Helen and ran across the road into the cemetery. When Helen found her again she was sitting on a grave. Helen managed to get her into the car and to safety.

Now all that time later she has really come around really well and now loves a cuddle from all of us. She lives together with Evie, Buster, Fifi, Filo, Pedro and Wendy and goes to the field with them every day. She goes there by walking on a lead and does this really well without pulling. She’s a calm girl at the sanctuary and rather sits with the volunteers having a cuddle and some scratches than playing in the field with other dogs. She does like to play with the volunteers though and is a fan of tug of war. When back in her pen with the others she likes to relax on her own without being bothered too much by bouncy puppies. She is okay with other dogs but because of this we think it’s best for her to either be in a home with a calm dog or to be an only child.

Carolina has been spayed and given by her teeth she’s still a young dog, about 18 months now. She has a thyroid condition, which is not curable but is easily managed with medication. With the medication she can live a normal healthy life and she has a normal life expectancy. Together with the vet we’ve found a stable dose for her and she will need to have her thyroid levels re-tested once or twice a year and continue the stable dose of medication for the rest of her life. This medication is not expensive at all.

We all really love Carolina and would love to see her in a warm cosy home on the sofa being cuddled by her own family. If you’re interested in adopting Carolina, please send us a message!