This gorgeous boy is Buck. He came to the sanctuary in March 2023. Someone contacted Helen because he was in danger and people in the village where he was wanted to kill him. He had an injury to his leg and the woman asked if she could take him.

Buck is a young dog with a lot of energy but with so much love and affection. He would absolutely love his forever home and someone to give him all the cuddles and love he needs. He'd definitely give loads of cuddles and kisses in return. All of our volunteers totally fall in love with him and he loves his daily walks. Buck is a strong dog so we are looking for someone who enjoys walking and has a lot of energy and some experience with dogs. We are looking for a home where he could be an only dog and ideally not in the middle of a busy city. Buck loves his food and is really smart and a dog that wants to please, so he'll learn fast. Buck is a mixed breed but because of his build and his pitbullish look, we are reluctant to home him in the UK and would rather find him a home somewhere in Europe so we know he won't be at risk because of some stupid ban.


If you'd like to offer Buck a forever home, please send us a message.