Billy and his littermates were found in a ditch near the sanctuary when they were between one and two months old. Like nearly all the puppies we get, they were starving and covered in fleas. Now just over 2 (as of July 2019), Billy has grown into a calm and sweet pooch with plenty to offer a new family- he is very gentle and affectionate. He still lives with his sibling Amber and another dog called Sweep (who all get along extremely well)- they have been successfully introduced to other dogs (though they can play a little boisterously with smaller dogs) and have been going out into the playground together to have a bit of fun. He is a little on the shy side with new people and despite his height (he is quite a tall boy) he is ever so gentle. He is very affectionate with people once he gets to know them though.

He is fully vaccinated and will be neutered before adoption. Please contact us if you would like to give Billy a home!