This beautiful dog is Bailey, he is arrived at the sanctuary together with his brother Riley. In August 2023 Riley appeared in Helens village from nowhere. Since he arrived in her village she had been feeding him every day twice a day and another dog, Bailey, appeared near to Helens house at a similar time. They looked so much like each other and we were sure they are brothers. Then in September Helen saw this woman throwing rocks at Riley and telling Helen to take him. Although Helen is struggling for space, we were too worried about his safety and afraid that these people would do something to hurt him, we picked him and his brother up and brought them to the sanctuary.

Bailey is about a year old and such a gorgeous gentle dog that loves affection. He's so ready to find his forever family. He absolutely loves cuddles and affection. If you'd like to know more about Bailey or would like to offer him a home, please send us a message!