This is our beautiful boy called Ant.

At the end of 2023 he and his sister Sasha were found next to a really busy road, the same spot where we also found Ghost. Helen had been going by and feeding them every day for a couple of weeks as she could not take them because of lack of space. Then in November Ant wasn't eating for a few days and a few days later his sister Sasha wasn't interested in food either. As Helen got worried she put them in the car and brought them to the vet. Both had high temperatures and Ant tested positive for parvovirus. Luckily they were both strong enough to beat it and are now healthy and ready to find their forever homes.

Ant is a medium sized young dog and absolutely lovely. He's been neutered recently and was a bit scared at the vet but soon settled once he was back home again. If you'd like to offer Ant a home or would like to know more about him, please send us a message.