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This big boy is Winston. In November he just turned up at the sanctuary. As there’s no dogs roaming around the sanctuary and we didn’t recognize him, he must have been dumped. It took us only a day to gain this boys trust to take him in. We checked whether he has a microchip, but couldn’t find one. We are so surprised no one is looking for him, he really is the most lovely natured dog. He’s the typical example of a gentle giant. He’s still young, weighs 30 kilos and great with all people and also very good with other dogs. He loves to play with anyone and is not reactive to dogs at all, even if they are reactive towards him. There’s not a bad bone in his body. He lives together with Mimi and they like to play together. Each morning he goes to the field with Morpheus and Juliet and he absolutely loves to play with Juliet. He walks very well on his lead, but is a strong boy because of his size.

Winston has now been castrated and was a dream dog at the vets, he was on his back all the time wanting to get belly rubs from everyone at the vets. He is brilliant in the car too and it’s so easy to get him in there or get him to do anything at all, he’s always very willing. If you’re looking for a lovely natured big dog, Winston is the boy you’ve been looking for. Please send us a message if you’re interested in adopting Winston.

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