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This very special little man is Tyson. Tyson was rescued together with 6 other dogs from an awful situation of abuse about 2 months ago. He was still tiny and full of scars. As he needed some extra attention to heal and grow in confidence he moved in with Helens volunteer and her dog Snoopy.

Since then Tyson has become a completely different pup. He’s about 5-6 months old now and has become so confident and happy. He’s best friends with Snoopy now and goes on walks with her everyday. He’s used to walking in his harness and great in the car. On his walks he’s so confident and wants to explore everything. As he lives in the house he’s pretty much potty trained with some occasional accidents which is normal for his age.

Snoopy still had to get used to sharing at the beginning and he made it easy as he does listen to her when she needs space, he does the same with his neighbor Greedy that likes some distance too sometimes. He now plays nicely everyday with Snoopy and they share beds. Every day he plays very well too with Penelope that lives next to him.

Tyson is very playful and in particular a fan of balls. He has two now and always tries to carry both of them at the same time in his little mouth. He’s a clever little man and starting to learn how to sit and come.

He absolutely loves to cuddle with people and really likes to give everyone lots of kisses. He can be a bit wary of people he doesn’t know yet, but it really helps to reassure him by picking him up or sitting down with him and once he realizes it’s good people he’s fine and just wants to kiss you.

He won’t be a big dog and will be ready to travel in February. Only thing we now need to find is his very special 5 star home he deserves. If you think you can provide Tyson a home full of love please send us a message.

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