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Tara is a model dog here at the sanctuary. She’s been here around 12 months (as of July 2019) and is in charge of a small group of other dogs (Pumba, Mira, Blue, Marley and Mimi)- a responsibility she shoulders with grace. She plays with them when they want to be played with, relaxes with them and generally treats them like her family. As such I could strongly recommend her to a home with other dogs. She is equally fond of people. She’s generally very gentle, happy, and relaxed with all concerned. Her chilled out demeanour belies a sharp intelligence- she is good at making her way out of places when she sees an opportunity but does listen well when we want her to do something. She doesn’t show the usual husky trait of pulling too much, in fact she’s very easy to walk (especially given her size). She thrives with attention and will often very politely come and ask for a cuddle. If Tara is the one for you please send us a message!





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