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Our little Spot was rescued by Helen from an awful living situation of abuse together with his brother Louie, and 5 other dogs about 1.5 months ago. They were all absolutely terrified when they came here. Some of them are still learning to trust, but as Spot was really young he came out of his shell really fast and is not wary of people anymore. Whenever he sees you he’s very happy and does not let you go before he gets a cuddle. All our volunteers fall in love with this little boy. He’s about 4-5 months old now and we think he will be a small medium dog. He is very food and cuddle motivated and plays well with his brother Louie (to be featured later this week). He does like to eat his food without being bothered by the other dogs. He will literally fall asleep in your arms if you let him.

He will get his last vaccination soon and will be ready to travel from February. Please send us a message if you’d like to adopt Spot.


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