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Sinjin is one of 4 young pups dumped outside the sanctuary just before the winter in 2016. He is now over two years old (as of July 2019). He is a little shy at first but he loves cuddles and attention, he’s good with other dogs and people. Once he gets to know you he greets you with all the enthusiasm in the world. Sinjin also gets very excited once he sees us getting his harness ready to take him for his daily walk. He absolutely loves going for walks and already knows how to walk on a lead very well. He is fully vaccinated and will be castrated before adoption. Sinjin would absolutely love to tell his doggie friends that he has to pack his bags to go to his forever family. He would love to have a family that has the understanding and patience to let him grow into a very confident boy and will give many cuddle sessions in return. He is not big in size so would not take up much space. Sinjin hopes to hear from you if you can offer him a spot on the sofa, please contact us if you are interested!

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