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Sandy hasn’t been with us very long. He belonged to an English couple living over here in Bulgaria, they got him as a pup and had him a year, so he was nicely settled and has know the warmth of a cosy house and bed but apparently he had a disagreement with their cat and they threw him out and were going to have him put to sleep, he didn’t know what he had done wrong and it nearly cost him his young life.

He was absolutely terrified when he arrived with us but after a couple of days of taking him to the field with the other dogs and giving him treats it was wonderful to see his tail come out and start wagging, he was beginning to believe in himself again and that he was worthy of someone’s love.

He absolutely loves running around the field and is really playful but he can still be nervous in certain situations so he will need some time to feel at ease and understand he isn’t going to get hurt. Could you be the person to restore his faith in humans?

He is neutered and his date of birth in his passport is 09.2020 and he’s a medium size dog. He will be the perfect dog once he knows he can trust you and he has nothing to worry about. He’s good with other dogs but he shouldn’t go to a home with cats.

If you are interested in giving Sandy his second chance of happiness then he’s ready to travel, we will arrange a homecheck with one of our trusted homecheckers, and do all the necessary checks and health screening prior to travel. It costs around £350 in total but that’s a small price to pay for the years of love Sandy would give you back. If you are interested in giving Sandy a home please message us. Sandy says pretty please too!

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