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This stunning girl is our Saffie. She’s one of the seven dogs that Helen rescued from a horrible situation living with a woman that was neglecting and abusing her dogs. These dogs were all terrified when Helen brought them here. While some of them are still learning to trust, Saffie was the first of the adults that was opening up to us. Then the improvement went really fast and it only took her a few days to become the cuddle monster she is now.

Saffie absolutely loves attention, the more attention the better. She’ll be a lapdog or even a shoulderdog, she’ll be any dog if it means she’ll get your love. She’s an active young dog and very food motivated, so we think she’d love to train and do fun things with her person(s). Maybe she even likes to do something fun like agility, she sure is a clever girl. A few weeks ago she had her sterilization and she did so well at the vet. She was very relaxed and wagging her tail at everyone and not phased by the new situation she was in.

She lives with the 7 dogs that she came with and snuggles up with them in their dog house and they all play together. She can be a bit rough in her play, but she’s still young and learning so just needs some guidance in this sometimes. Saffie was about 7 kilos at the vet so is a small medium dog.

Saffie is so very ready to move to her forever home and get all the attention she deserves and loves. She would really make a great pet. She’s fully vaccinated and has her bags packed to go as soon as her person finds her. Please send us a message if you’re interested.

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