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Rusty is a loving dog brought to the sanctuary from a shelter in Bulgaria. She is great with people and other dogs currently roaming around with a small group of dogs. She is the size of a small labrador but not slim! She is very good at asking for attention but doesn’t have the labrador attitude to food- she’s quite polite and measured in her approach. When Rusty wants to have a cuddle she will walk up to you and gently tap you with her leg to remind you that she is in for a cuddle! She is a little bit of a barker at things approaching her territory, whether they’re friend or foe but she quickly calms down once introduced and a little bit of training will help no end. Watching the birds is also one of her favourite hobbies and she especially likes to do it with her best friend Pip. She is pretty responsive to commands and listens well but isn’t a complete pushover. She’d make a good companion for another dog we feel.

Do you want to watch birds with Rusty and would you like to offer her a comfy bed? Please contact us to find out more information on Rusty and to offer her a forever home!

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