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This beautiful boy was abandoned alongside Ronnie in a layby on a busy road and lucky for them Helen spotted them on her drive back from the vets.Reggie was very timid at first but very happy to be offered some much needed food and then easily agreed to come with Helen in her car. He’s grown from strength to strength since then. They have been living in Helens home ever since as she was terrified of them getting parvo at the sanctuary.
The vet thinks he is about 10 months old now (as of december 2022). He’s fully vaccinated. He is an amazing natured dog and very kind and gentle and absolutely love cuddles.
Reggie was a little food possessive initially but now he’s very good and even happy to share his food with others. He’s so clever and learnt so much in such a short space of time.
Reggie will make the perfect pet and a great addition to someone’s home . Reggie is excellent with cats. He gets on with all of my dogs here and plays very well.
If you are looking for the perfect dog, look no further!!

Please message with enquiries or interest.

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