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Pushko is currently in a foster home in Scotland.
Pushko is an amazing and complicated/nervous dog. In the right home he’d be the best pet.
He will need a home that is quiet, patient and understanding of his needs to help him continue to grow in confidence.
He loves his walks, soft toys, any food (he has great puppy dog eyes), cuddles and playtime. He plays gently but when he takes his toy away to sit he prefers to be left alone. He’s smart and follows some basic commands already. Although it can be tricky to get him to listen once he becomes worked up (e.g. the door going, being fearful) so his new owner would need to work on this. He does not like the post man. He loves sniffing and his snuffle mat. He’s not keen on toys that squeak. Or any loud noises really. Traffic, banging, shouting. They scare him. And he flinches or can be reactive but his foster is following classes with him which are helping him massively. He’s made amazing progress in the past months with his foster.
He wants to be friends with almost everyone now. But he is a little unsure sometimes and obviously really nervous. He needs someone who is willing to commit to helping him socialise with people and dogs and to realise he is safe.
Our dear Pushko has so much potential with the right owners and he loves pleasing people he trusts and loves. If you’re interested in adopting our dear Pushko, please contact us!



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