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Carmel was kindly named by a girl who volunteered for a short while at the sanctuary. She arrived at here when she was around two weeks old along with her mother Mira, her six sisters, and brother.┬áHer mother was terribly thin – having been kept on a chain and underfed. She has done an amazing job to keep them as healthy and happy as they are.

Carmel is very happy tearing around with her sisters, pouncing on our feet, and making use of her newly found bark. She is full of life and very eager to explore the World – always the first to the gate. She has recently begun to go on walks in the woods which is the most exciting part of the day for her.

She has grown a lot already and is now around 3 months old (as of 20/08/19), her mother is medium-sized so we aren’t expecting a massive dog. She has had her vaccinations and is ready to travel. If you would like to give this little pup a home please let us know!

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