Pumba (reserved)

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Pumba arrived here as a puppy with his two siblings and is now approximately 10 months old (as of July 2019) and the last of his litter still here. He has grown into a handsome, friendly young dog since then. When’s he not tearing around with his best mates Boris and Mira he can be quite relaxed and will happily lounge around by your feet while you are otherwise occupied. He is good on the lead, is remarkably tolerant, and responds extremely well to reward-based training (he got sit on the second go).

Pumba is good with other dogs having lived in a small group of them for most of his life so it would be good if had a playmate. He is not the least bit aggressive and has been very welcoming to the newest arrival in his little pack Mira. He does have a mischievous streak (as most young dogs do) but with enough exercise and stimulation he will make an excellent companion. If you are interested in giving Pumba a home- and having no worries for the rest of your days- please send us a message!

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