Peggy and Paul

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Peggy and Paul are a lovely pair of young puppies. They arrived in a nervous and scared state but have been making wonderful progress since then (they are around four months old now as of July 2019)- they have gone from cowering in a corner to enthusiastically greeting visitors to their pen. Peggy especially enjoys plonking herself down on your lap and finding bits of you to lick. They’re both quite playful and Paul will also give a thorough investigation into new objects/people. He does currently have some nervousness around being touched but it is being worked on through the medium of treats. They’re closely bonded with Peggy playing the role of protective sister, clearly buoyed by her extra fluff. They love treats so should prove easy to train. Additionally they have just been vaccinated. If you’re keen to keep improving their lives by adopting them please send us a message!

Peggy (left) and Paul (right)

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