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In September Pedro was dumped in a box at the sanctuary together with his three sisters Wendy, Filo and Fifi. They were still tiny babies and as their mum was not here they were basically nursed by our volunteers. Pedro was even less lucky as he had an infection to his backleg and had to go to the vet multiple times. Our mellow boy Pedro wasn’t very bothered by his trips to the vet though and his car rides to the vet might have been the start to him becoming the best lapdog ever.

Pedro is the calmest of the four siblings and is always in someone arms getting a cuddle. He’ll literally melt in your arms and won’t move. No wonder he’s being loved so much by everyone that meets him here. He plays nicely with his siblings and loves his food. Apart from his siblings he also spends the day with his friends Evie, Buster and Carolina and goes to play in the field with them. He walks to the field on a lead and does this really well. He’s very used to being picked up and handled and when you give him a bath he acts as if he’s having a spa day.

Pedro is about 5 months old now, fully vaccinated and so ready for his own family. We don’t expect him to become a big dog. If you’re interested into adopting Pedro, please send us a message.

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