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This is our special girl called Misty. She came to the sanctuary after Helen received a message about a little dog dragging herself around, unable to move her hind legs. After a long search she turned up around the corner and showed her biggest smile and asked us to take her. From day one she has been an absolute superstar. She had loads of wounds on her legs from her dragging herself around, but these are all gone now.The vet said she would never be able to walk again, but she has showed him the opposite and is getting stronger every day. She now manages to get herself to stand on all four legs and sometimes takes a few steps using all four of them. She is also learning how to walk using her wheelchair and is getting the hang of it as you can see in the video! She absolutely loves being outside, playing with her doggie friends, sunbathing and getting cuddles from Helen and her volunteers. As you can see in the picture she not only likes to hang out with dogs and humans, but is also very fond of cats! She has been living with two cats at Helens house, who have both been rehomed. Misty is such a happy little girl with the most beautiful smile! She needs a special home that is dedicated to help Misty get around and give her all the special care she needs. She is absolutely lovely natured and if you are able and willing to offer her that special home we would love to hear from you, please contact us if you are interested!

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