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This beautiful little girl is our Millie. Millie is one of the 7 dogs were rescued about 2 months ago from a horrible place where the dogs were being abused. All the dogs were absolutely terrified.

Millie and her friend Saffie were the first of the adults to come around and get used to cuddles from us. Now, 2 months later, Millie wants nothing other than human attention. She really is so happy when she sees us. She is such a lovely dog and will melt in your arms when you sit down with her. She’ll easily fall asleep too when you’re holding her so sometimes we’re stuck in her pen with her to not wake her up. Millie lives together with Saffie and they play nicely together and share their food. She loves her food too so we think she’d respond well to training.

Millie is still a young girl, we think around a year old. She’s been spayed and did well at the vet. She was a bit scared at first, which is totally understandable but soon started to relax. She’s not a big dog and weighted about 7 kilos at the vet.

Millie is now ready to find her own family that will love her and help her grow and thrive even more. They will get so much love in return. She’s only little and won’t take up much space in your home. We all really love her and are sure she’ll make someone very very happy. Please send us a message if you’re interested in adopting Millie!

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