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Mama was rescued from a Bulgarian shelter and now lives in the sanctuary with her daughter Mia as part of a small free-range group of dogs. She doesn’t have the use of her front-right foot but is still pretty mobile and happily gets about on her remaining three. She is a lot more measured than most of the dogs she lives with- not engaging in barking at strangers/cars/breaths of wind that go past and will wait to get you alone for a cuddle without being pushy about it. She always has a big doggy smile on her face and now just needs a loving home to make her life complete. She is pretty close with her daughter Mia (a gorgeous dog) who is very protective of Mama but Mia is nervous with people and difficult to touch, an experienced dog owner/trainer would be best if you wanted both. If you can’t resist Mama please send us a message for a chat!

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