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This is Maisie. Helen had been feeding her for moths just outside her house and had been treating her for fleas and ticks. However, Maisie belonged to someone. Maisie had puppies and showed Helen where they were. Then one day she brought the pups, one by one, down to Helens house so she could make sure they were safe. Helen took in all six of her puppies and found them wonderful homes. She continued feeding Maisie and one day she had a sore leg and was limping. A while later she was outside the sanctuary and definitely been dropped there as it’s in a different village than Helens house. She has been spayed and is looking for a home she can call her own! She is very friendly and very affectionate, so would make a perfect family dog. She is not great with cats, so won’t be homed in a home with cats. Maisie is still quite young. Please if you are interested in offering Maisie a home, send us a message!

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