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As of July 2022 Jessica is around 7 months old and fully vaccinated and ready to travel.
Jessica is part of a litter of 4 beautiful girls (Indie, Evie, Jessica and Winter). Helen was feeding their mum in the village, this was her 3rd litter and we tried everything to catch her to spay her but just couldn’t.
When these babies were very young the mum completely disappeared, we suspect she had been poisoned so we went on a hunt for the babies.
A gypsy family had taken 3 for her kids to play with and Helen tried to get her to give them to me and she wouldn’t. The next morning we heard a pup crying opposite where Helen fed the mum and we found little Evie hiding on her own and we managed to get hold of her. The following morning when Helen went back to her house, 3 others had been put in the kennel outside her house.
Jessica really deserves to have some lovely home comforts and a nice, warm, comfortable place to lay her head at night. Could you be the one to help Indie complete her journey from abandoned to loved? Please send us a message if you’re interested in adopting Jessica!

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