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Honey was dumped with her brother Goldie in a local garden and then brought to the sanctuary. She survived parvovirus and is now old enough to find a home at around 2 years old (as of July 2019). She has learned to walk well on a lead and is used to her harness now. She is generally quite gentle and quiet but really perks up for dinner time or walkies. She regularly goes out into our play area with her brother where she loves a good runaround. Honey is fully vaccinated and ready to travel, so please contact us if you can offer this beautiful girl a home.

1 thought on “Honey”

  1. Dear Helen and Team!

    First of all , thank you so much for your great work with these wonderful dogs.
    It makes sad and happy at the same time seeing these dogs. I truly have so much respect for your work and discovered your shelter through the Instagram channel of everydaystray from Robert.
    Since 4 years now I am looking for a dog that will keep company me through thick and thin , up a mountain or to the ocean, by my side at work.

    I had a look through your gallery of dogs and I kind of got stuck with Honey. And since that moment I can’t stop thinking about her.
    I am really interested in her and would love to know more about her character and everything in general.
    Also how such an adoption works.
    I was thinking about visiting you guys and Honey to have a look at her and get to know her.

    Some facts about me:

    I am 29 years old and a photographer living in Vienna.
    I originally come from the countryside near Salzburg but I live and work since 10 years now in Vienna. As to my job I am self-employed and have a lot of free time and also work from home except of course when I am on jobs.
    I am quite active and so it comes that I try as much as I can to be outside and in the mountains. Thats why I am also looking for a dog which is also active, but gentle and willingly to come with me on shootings . I know thats also my responsibility how I teach him/her. But maybe you can tell me if Honey would fit to my “lifestyle”.

    I would love to hear from you and honey 🙂
    happy day to you!

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