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In September Fifi was dumped in a box at the sanctuary together with her three siblings Wendy, Filo and Pedro. They were still tiny babies and as their mum was not here they were basically nursed by our volunteers.

Fifi is the fluffy one of the four and loves playing with the bigger dogs just as much as playing with her siblings. She loves her food and we can already see that she’s a clever girl. Fifi lives together with her siblings and Evie, Buster and Carolina. Each day all of them go to play in the field together. Fifi walks to the field on lead and is walking better on the lead every day. She’s very used to being picked up and when in the field or being visited she’ll come over to you asking for a cuddle.

Fifi is about 5 months old now, fully vaccinated and so ready for her own family. We don’t expect her to become a big dog. If you’re interested into adopting Fifi, please send us a message.

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