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Brownie is one of a litter of five dogs at the sanctuary, and is just over a year old (as of June 2020). Unfortunately they were dumped here in sacks so didn’t have the best start in life but they have grown in both stature and confidence since then and are much happier now than their arrival. Brownie is a sweet young boy who enjoys attention and fuss as much as he enjoys whizzing around our play area (which is a lot!). He’s generally pretty relaxed compared to his siblings and we’ve been recently getting him accustomed to wearing a harness and walking on a lead. He’s recently been coming out for walks with us and is really getting the hang of it. He is an athletic dog and very smart as well, he responds very well to our directions.

His brother Ben got adopted a while ago and has settled in so well, we would love for Brownie to get his own home as well. We’re sure that you’ll find him as addictive as his namesake, please send us a message if you’d like to adopt!

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