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Breeze arrived at the sanctuary with her mother Mira and seven siblings when she was around 2 weeks old. Her mother was terribly thin when she arrived from having been kept on a chain and underfed, so she has done an amazing job to keep them as healthy and happy as they are.

Breeze was given a name before some of the others due to needing one for the vets! It is apt though as she is one of the quieter members of the group, she often sits back and watches a bit before piling in. She isn’t nervous in the slightest, we think she’s just planning her next move. She has recently started coming for walks in the woods which is always her favourite time of the day.

She has all grown a lot and is now around 3 months old (as of 20/08/19)- her mother is medium-sized so we aren’t expecting her to be huge. She has had her vaccinations and is ready to travel, so if you’d like her to breeze into your life, send us a message!


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