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Betty was dumped near the sanctuary at barely a month old with her 3 litter-mates. They were so tiny and desperately needed their mother’s milk, and luckily we were able to track her down and rescue her from a life on a chain too. Betty is now about 21 months old (as of Dec 2018) and she hopes she will find her forever home soon – she is good with other dogs, playful and loves people. She is small to medium sized, fully vaccinated, and she will be spayed once she is old enough. Please get in touch if you’d like to offer her a home.

1 thought on “Betty”

  1. Hi there
    A friend shared one of your posts on Facebook, so I took a look at your website as I have been contemplating adopting a dog for many years and have taken the decision that 2018 will be the year that I stop talking about it and take the plunge.
    Betty appealed immediately. She is a nice age and not too large. Unlike many of your other dogs, you make no mention of how she behaves on the lead/harness, however.
    Please could you let me know what the process for adoption is?
    Many thanks, Tia

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