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Benji was living in Vratsa outside some blocks of flats. Some kind local people cared for him and were feeding him and made him a little kennel but others in the neighborhood didn’t want him there so they smashed up his kennel and seriously beat him up. The kind locals rebuilt his kennel but the same thing happened so he was not safe to be left there.

He was very nervous and terrified of leads and collars and we had to sedate him to get him here, but we finally got him here safe.

He slowly came round and started coming to us for cuddles and trusting us. The girls managed to get a collar on him so we could take him to the field and he was soon running around enjoying himself. He’s been with us around 8 or 9 months, he trusts females quicker than males. He’s probably only a 2 years old and is neutered but would do well getting the right attention and guidance on a one to one basis.

If you’re interested to give him a home with a lot of love, patience and guidance, please let us know and send us a message!

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