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Beautiful Amy was hanging out at the service station I usually get my diesel from and every time I went there i fed her and she was so happy. Then one day I was driving back with one of my volunteers and she was wandering in the road so I stopped to feed her but noticed she has inflammation on her back and it looked angry and painful. I took her in the car with me without any resistance and back to the sanctuary. She fitted in with all the dogs in the garden so easily and is an absolute delight. She has the sweetest nature and is very loving and affectionate. She never barks and is so easy going. Walks beautifully on the lead and has responded really well to basic training. Every morning she plays in the field with her friends William, Sumi, Thor, Esme, Mia and Tommy. Her back wound was treated successfully and she is absolutely ready to find her forever home. She’s about a year old. My volunteers have all fallen in love with her. Are you the special person for her? Please message us if you are interested in adopting Amy.

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