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Abbie is an affectionate young dog, she is well-socialised with other dogs and is very playful. Once she is used to a person she is very cuddly and friendly, and responds well to commands. She does take a couple of days to get to know people though so requires a patient and considerate owner. There is more than a little bit of labrador in her as you can see and she generally has a similar temperament, and she loves her food! As a result however it should prove easy to use treats to train her and gain her trust and affection. She was rescued with her brother Cody when they were puppies, Cody has recently left the sanctuary and has his forever home in Germany with a former volunteer. Abbie is always the first to come and say hi when Helen and volunteers enter the sanctuary and could be called the receptionist of the sanctuary! However, Abbie is quite ready for a change of job location and would love to apply for a job as being the receptionist of your home. She doesn’t need a high salary, a breakfast and dinner is enough for her to be your receptionist.

Do you want to work with this beautiful energetic dog and gain her trust? Please contact us if you are interested in adopting Abbie.

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